About Us


Bountiful Bees was founded by backyard beekeepers in 2016. Through trial and error solutions were found to improve the production of the hives. After realizing that these solutions worked and realizing that other beekeepers could benefit from these same solutions Bountiful Bees was started to provide backyard and hobbyist beekeepers with the same solutions found that worked to make the Bountiful Bees hives productive and successful. Bountiful Bees is a disabled veteran, family owned small business owned by Amber and Trent Linton.


Amber and Trent live in Smithfield, UT where in addition to running Bountiful Bees they are also parents to six children and a dog. Before Bountiful Bees, Amber had a successful business career. Trent is a military veteran who has spent many years working as a software consultant. Together Trent and Amber manage Bountiful Bees and Trent does what Amber tells him to do to manage the different directions that the six children take them.


Our mission is to assist beekeepers everywhere to find joy and success in their beekeeping endeavors.