Bee swarm lure 101


Bee swarm lure 101 

Looking for a new swarm to move into your hive? Bee swarm lures are a perfect way to get the new spring swarms to take root in your colony. Using natural ingredients, bee swarm lures produce artificial pheromones that attract bees to your hive frames.


bee on flower

What is a bee swarm lure? 

In beekeeping, a swarm lure is a tool that’s used by beekeepers to attract new swarms and start new hives. In the spring, beekeepers will use a swarm lure to attract a new colony looking for a new place to call home. Bee swarm lures can take on many shapes, but all are used for the same purpose. Beekeeping takes lots of nurturing, and attention, but is a very rewarding practice. Both time and knowledge leads to the perfect hive, and the colonies perfect care.


queen bee

How do they work? 

Bees use chemical cues to interact with one another, both socially and to manage the colony's organization. These chemical cues are called pheromones. There are alarm pheromones, swarming pheromones, and many others. The queen bee has her own special pheromones! Swarm lures are tools commonly used by beekeepers to attract new colonies of bees every year. In the spring, bee colonies will often split, half of the hive scouting for a new home. Swarm lures work to attract new colonies of bees by imitating bee pheromones. When the scouter bees split from their main hive in search of a new place to call home, the lure emits a blend of pheromones. These pheromones entice the bees into choosing your hive as their own home base. 


Maybe we’re biased; but here’s why our bee swarm lure is the best 


Bountiful Bees’ Bee Bait provides an effective, organic, eco friendly  lure. It's an easy way to increase your hive's population, made from all natural ingredients. This synthetic nasonov pheromone is a proven method for attracting honey bees. Our Bee Bait increases your change of successful capture by over 75%! This natural product imitates bee pheromones and other scents that indicate a good hive. 



The one ounce bottle of Bee Bait can last up to two years. With a dropper built into the lid, our lure is convenient and easy to use. Apply Bountiful Bees’ Bee Bait to empty hive frames placed within a few hundred feet of your apiary and never lose another swarm from your own hive!